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When will They Ever Learn?

The latest rampage, as of this writing (I expect there will have been more by the time this is posted), was the work of a semi-automatic pistol in the hands of a “drifter” who should not have had a gun. … Continue reading

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Is a Deadly Culture Honorable?

? Imbued with their own form of patriotism, many Americans fervently link words like freedom, liberty, and democracy with that hallowed term the United States; however, to capture well the character of some major parts of the nation, they need … Continue reading

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Atrocities Can Be Expensive[/embed]

The brief video at the beginning of this post is horrifying but worthy of 15 seconds of your time. There’s thousands, maybe millions of them, out there. Some of them, invisible to you, are soaring around right now, doing their … Continue reading

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What Planet Does He Live On? Oracle, Optimist, Ostrich, or Obfuscator? Part 4.

In regard to his argument that the “better angels” of human nature have been bringing about a decline in global violence, Steven Pinker comments that some people, deceived by all the horror stories they have ingested from the popular media, take offense … Continue reading

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