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Warning: this disease is contagious, deadly, and right in your own backyard

Racism is as deadly as AIDS, as contagious as influenza, and as contemptible as human sacrifice—which indeed is what it is. It has reached epidemic proportions in the US, and not for the first time. As with most diseases, some … Continue reading

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By Guest Author Tom Greening We knew we could count on you to continue our mission for us. We destroyed your World Trade Center but that was only a dramatic means to a greater end. We knew you rich and industrious … Continue reading

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When will They Ever Learn?

The latest rampage, as of this writing (I expect there will have been more by the time this is posted), was the work of a semi-automatic pistol in the hands of a “drifter” who should not have had a gun. … Continue reading

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Is a Deadly Culture Honorable?

? Imbued with their own form of patriotism, many Americans fervently link words like freedom, liberty, and democracy with that hallowed term the United States; however, to capture well the character of some major parts of the nation, they need … Continue reading

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