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Another Way to Struggle against Militarism: War Tax Resistance

By guest author Erica Weiland [note from KMM: One of the objectives of the Engaging Peace blog is to encourage activism in support of peace and in opposition to war. We strive to educate our readers about different approaches to … Continue reading

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Are YOU guilty of a war crime?

To put the question differently: Do you pay taxes? If you do, you may be committing a war crime. Tax Rebellion, a group active in the United Kingdom, argues that “Under the international laws of war, it is a criminal … Continue reading

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Does nonviolent resistance work? What Chenoweth and Stephan get right (Part 1c)

In her comment on my original post, Dr. Dahlia Wasfi pointed out that Maria Stephan works for the State Department. That does not necessarily mean… Continue reading

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