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Bang, Bang, You’re Dead, Part 2.

  This is an Israeli Uzi, the kind of submachine gun that a nine-year-old girl was recently (August, 2014) learning to use at an outdoor shooting range in Arizona when she lost control of the gun and shot and killed … Continue reading

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Bang, bang, you’re dead, Part 1

Stop, look, and bristle with anger at the image above.  The obscene rates at which American children are gunned down or left with life-altering physical and psychological scars from gun violence should horrify and activate us all. What’s the story, … Continue reading

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Nonviolent Protest Trumps Market Basket Scheme

By guest author, Dot Walsh Many activists follow their inner guides and speak out, act out, and protest around many worthy issues. Sometimes there are positive results, as in the case of the new gun legislation in Massachusetts, but often … Continue reading

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