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Nonviolent Protest Trumps Market Basket Scheme

By guest author, Dot Walsh Many activists follow their inner guides and speak out, act out, and protest around many worthy issues. Sometimes there are positive results, as in the case of the new gun legislation in Massachusetts, but often … Continue reading

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What’s so bad about the Ferguson, MO, shooting, anyway?

So what’s the big deal about Ferguson police shooting an unarmed black man? Aren’t people getting shot by the police in this country all the time without even a ripple of attention in the mainstream media? Aren’t they disproportionately black? … Continue reading

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Profiting from Prisons: The Evil Corporation Connection Part 2

  This is Part 2 of a series by Dot Walsh. My research on for-profit prisons   brought me to a G4S site  advertising security products and services in 125 countries. Intimately connected with the military,  G4S actively recruits and … Continue reading

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Prisons for profit: The Evil Corporation Connection, Part I, by Guest Author Dot Walsh

As I write about the ongoing and never ending connection between the prison industrial complex and the military industrial complex and the association with for-profit corporations, I find myself on edge and angry.  To know the individual pieces is upsetting … Continue reading

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