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Your father taught you WHAT? Part 1.

  By Kathie Malley-Morrison In its inaugural issues, Engaging Peace introduced the work of cognitive political psychologist, George Lakoff—particularly his work on political conservatism and liberalism.  Our presentation of his theory included posts on Why We Fight, Countering the Ubiquitous … Continue reading

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How do you get there from here?

by Kathie MM Consistent with its goal of promoting peace within and among nations, the United Nations, in 1981,  established the International Day of Peace;  in 2002, September 21st became the permanent date for the International Day of Peace. Did … Continue reading

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If Trayvon Martin/Tamir Rice/Eric Garner could talk

1974. Does it seem like a long time ago? A whole different era—before omnipresent computers spying on everyone, before killer drones, before ISIS? Well, maybe. James Baldwin published If Beale Street Could Talk in 1974. If you read the book, … Continue reading

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