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Who knows why we fight? George knows.

  In the early days of this blog, we published a series of posts on George Lakoff’s views on wars between values and nations; we revisit some of those posts today. Lakoff is an activist cognitive psychologist/linguist who devotes great … Continue reading

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Extolling WHOM????

Today I am enjoying what appears to be a disappearing commodity—the three day weekend. But, I am not celebrating the “accomplishments” of Christopher Columbus, who chanced on the Americas in his quest for riches and found them in his own … Continue reading

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Military Sexual Assault: Toxic Masculinity Gone Viral?

The kinds of men who perpetrate military sexual assaults tend not to be discriminating—they will destroy the lives of other men as easily as those of women. Indeed, because men enter the military in much higher numbers than women, the … Continue reading

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