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Buddhist Social Democracy, Part 2

by Stefan Schindler In Buddha’s worldview, “each life is precious, endowed with freedom and opportunity.” The Buddhist social democratic path to peace offers widespread time and place for deconditioning. Buddha says the institutions of society ought to serve schools, not … Continue reading

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Learning from ‘mainstream’ and ‘politicized’ encounter programs

Note from Kathie MM: Many peace advocates are becoming discouraged about what seems to be unremittent violence in many parts of the world, including the Middle East. But there are important and promising peace initiatives that get less attention in … Continue reading

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Seeking War No More

By Edward Agro Given that an antiwar movement in the U.S., where rampant militarism is the norm, must cast its nets impossibly wide, it’s no wonder that the nonviolent struggle to build a world without war draws proponents from every … Continue reading

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Where the heck can dancing take us?[/embed]

By Guest Author Sarah Oppenheimer There is a long history of arts-for-peace groups focusing on promoting peace practices and influencing people to think about their own interpretations of peace. Contemporary groups include the Peace Education through the Arts Culture and … Continue reading

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