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Fear, the NRA and Gun Industry’s Deadliest Weapon

By Roy Eidelson School children and teachers in Newtown, Connecticut; parishioners in Charleston, South Carolina; co-workers in San Bernardino, California; nightclub attendees in Orlando, Florida; and now concertgoers in Las Vegas, Nevada. Each time, the horror of yet another mass … Continue reading

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Socrates, Buddha, and Thomas Paine

  by Stefan Schindler The failure of Judaism, Christianity and Islam to embody their ownmost message of peace partly contributes to the increasing appeal of Buddhism in today’s postmodern war-torn world. Also, there is something absurd – counterproductive, self-defeating, and … Continue reading

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Patriotism Embraces Nonviolence in the NFL

It’s time—no, it’s way overdue—to pay tribute to people of color in the United States for their self-restraint  in response to centuries of violent racist resistance to their pursuit of democracy. If we are going to accept the Miriam Webster definition … Continue reading

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The Continuing Horror of 9/11

Monday, September 11, 2017 By Barbara Kidney The Continuing Horror of 9/11 Sixteen years later, and tragically, the horrific legacy of 9/11 lives on. Manhattan is my home town. My Mom, like her own Mom, had been born in Manhattan.  … Continue reading

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