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Looking for inspiration?

In our country right now, frustration, anger, and fear are running rampant, along with the scapegoating that inevitably accompanies those emotions. But know what?  If you are alive, you can make a difference.  Millions of people are striving actively on … Continue reading

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The better word is…

by Anthony J. Marsella To the many experiencing a diminution in their activism, and questioning their powers and commitment, I say:  The better term is “demoralization.”  Not depression, nor any other pathological condition.  Rather a normal response to life conditions … Continue reading

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Trails of Tears

by Kathie Malley-Morrison The current standoff between Native American Water Protectors and the Army Corps of Engineers is only the most recent event in a long history of inhumanity carried out unflinchingly by invasive power structures motivated by greed. Last fall, … Continue reading

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What’s in a name? (This one doesn’t smell so sweet.)

Columbus Day.  Everybody loves a day off, but honestly, does the United States really want to continue celebrating the name of a man who was a slave owner, a slave trader, a greedy, cruel, vicious dishonest brute? A lot of … Continue reading

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