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Pledging Allegiance

by Kathie MM The Pledge of Allegiance is not sacrosanct. Within my lifetime, the words “Under God” were added to the Pledge because Congress and the President wanted to differentiate the US from the godless Communists. Here is my recommendation … Continue reading

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Fossil fuel or life? Polar bears today. The world’s children tomorrow?

Today’s post features excerpts from a Common Dreams staff writer, Julia Conley, who describes an award-winning video  of a polar bear starving to death because global warming means less ice means less availability of polar bears’ food. Conley’s story and the … Continue reading

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by  Stefan Schindler Autumn comes; the leaf falls from the tree. Does the leaf release itself? Or does the tree release the leaf? The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind. …………………………………………     Beauty before me; beauty behind … Continue reading

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Engaging Peace vs. Lemmingcide

by Kathie MM Engaging peace.  For what purpose should we engage peace? To resist violence. To prevent violence.  To end violence. Violence is life-shattering, life-destroying. Peace is life-affirming, love-affirming, future-affirming. Right now life on Earth faces the most violent assault … Continue reading

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