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Beware Resurgence of Deadly Diseases, Part 1

by Kathie MM You have probably read about the resurgence of long-suppressed infectious diseases such as malaria and typhoid fever. Drug-resistant forms of malaria are reaching epidemic levels in Asia and drug-resistant forms of typhoid  are doing the same in Africa. … Continue reading

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Fear, the NRA and Gun Industry’s Deadliest Weapon

By Roy Eidelson School children and teachers in Newtown, Connecticut. Parishioners in Charleston, South Carolina. Co-workers in San Bernardino, California. Nightclub attendees in Orlando, Florida. And now concertgoers in Las Vegas, Nevada. Each time, the horror of yet another mass … Continue reading

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Begging for War

By Robert C. Koehler “There are no good options,” Brian Williams said the other night on MSNBC, launching a discussion about North Korea with the implication that war—maybe nuclear war—is the only solution to the problem it represents. We’ve been … Continue reading

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Buddhist Social Democracy, Part 2

by Stefan Schindler In Buddha’s worldview, “each life is precious, endowed with freedom and opportunity.” The Buddhist social democratic path to peace offers widespread time and place for deconditioning. Buddha says the institutions of society ought to serve schools, not … Continue reading

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