3 Responses to Now is the Hour: Moral Engagement Redux 1

  1. Barbara says:

    I don’t believe I’m over-simplifying the Trump dilemma when I suggest an alternative
    to looking at the man’s face every time you turn on your TV and hearing his
    complacent voice congratulating himself. You’re watching the wrong channels! For true satisfaction, keep your set tuned to the channel known as Animal Planet. Animals will never disappoint you as long as they’re not of the two-legged variety that preach hatred and promote violence.

    • Stefan Schindler says:

      My cat, Sebastian — or rather, the feline who graces me with his presence and allows me to be of service — says: “Meow meow! Right on! You go, girl!” And, as more than one modern sage attests: Disengaging from the mainstream news media is a major step on the path to equanimity and enlightenment. While peaceful protest (yang) is as necessary now as it was during the days of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy, it is necessary to ground oneself first (and continuously) in the yin of yogic/meditative centering, so that one’s voice, wisdom and social action are loving and compassionate. For several decades now I’ve had to remind myself: You can’t be a peacemaker if you’re walking around in a rage all the time. Yes, the truth will make you free, but first it will break your heart On the other hand, a broken heart is an open heart, if one has the courage and insight to transform sorrow and anger into rainbowed emanation fields of love, peace and joy — informed by the presence of animal innocence, nature’s beauty, and the higher truth of universal brother-sisterhood. Many thanks for your “comment,” which, far from being an over-simplification, is a message well said and very timely indeed.

  2. Stefan Schindler says:

    Many thanks for your edifying article. One problem, of course, is how to communicate with extremists on the far right, too long immune to rational discourse and now about to launch Bush-Cheney Redux from the Oval Office.

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