2 Responses to Another Morally Engaged Hero of our Times

  1. Barbara says:

    How humilating it must be to find oneself labeled inferior, to try to bring up your children happily and successfully in s society that calls them inferior before they have even left the womb! Those of us who happened to be born with a white skin can demonstrate our awareness and discomfort with this inequity by voicing our objections whenever we have the opportunity. I humbly apologize to all people of color for our country’s history of repression accompanied by disdain. You’ve endured a dirty deal for countless decades, and it’s high time you were tendered the respect and admiration you deserve as intelligent, resilient, caring fellow human beings.

  2. LB says:

    “Now, for daring to say that Trump cannot be “a legitimate president” because of Russia’s help in electing him, John Lewis is #1 on Trump’s hit list.”

    As unfair, disrespectful and uninformed as Trump’s quick dismissal of the sacrifices and contributions of John Lewis during the Civil Rights Movement are, it’s just as disappointing to read John Lewis, once a courageous activist , so out of touch with the struggles of ordinary Americans that he would give serious credence to the idea of Russian interference having elected Trump, something I touched on in my comment left on your previous post. It ignores the HUGE percentage of disillusioned citizens who chose not to vote rather than support our unjust and oppressive system, as well as the smaller number of misguided voters duped into believing Trump would offer them jobs, affordable healthcare, and maybe even an end to escalating tensions between the US and Russia, something Clinton and other leaders were actively pushing for.

    Talking about issues of race while advancing the rhetoric of Russian interference is an effective way to silence those critical of U.S. of A’s imperialist agenda. It costs Bill Moyers nothing and further endears him to the (liberal/neoliberal) powers-that-be ~ which continue to divide, exploit and manipulate us ALL.

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