4 Responses to Who should show this to Donald Trump?

  1. Fine post, Kathie. Thanks for letting your readers know of my post that provides further support for your efforts to promote empathy. In addition to modeling for Trump supporters what empathy looks like, I think discussions about Trump’s lack of willingness to take any responsibility for mistakes he has made may be worthwhile. This effort, of course is best communicated in a caring, civil manner, with an effort to listen carefully to the replies, summarizing the replies in a thoughtful, and modeling empathy to the Trump supporter throughout any such discussion.

  2. Barbara says:

    I read and enjoyed psychologist Jeffrey Rubin’s entire article sharing his reaction to the President’s remarks about leaks to the press and fake news. To me, the president’s remarks sounded more like inarticulate gibberish than the calm, rational point of view one would like to see in the President of this country, If I’d been in Trump’s audience, I would have been tempted to shout, “Grow up, Donald!” But of course I would have controlled myself, even while wondering how this temperamental teenager ever won such a vitally important election.

  3. Gold Dust Twin says:

    Donald Trump may have fooled the people he wants to fool when he took on his “Presidential presence” and teleprompted his way through his speech to Congress, but he is likely to continue to reveal his true colors when he speaks extemporaneously, babbling phrases in his attacks that only contribute more negatives to his juvenile, egotistic image.
    I’ve heard that children are fascinated when they see the President on TV. If there is t be any hope of movement towards a genuine democracy in this country, Trump may yet talk himself into impeachment proceedings.

  4. Dot Walsh says:

    I find the times we are living in here in the United States to be a challenge for anyone who believes in the idea of creating a peaceful culture, nation and world. Personally I am of the belief that there is no need to spend any more energy on talking about the negative aspects of “45”. He is a little boy who never received love as a child. I prefer to spend my time connecting with people who are making positive choices and building organizations and programs that promote peace. Two current examples are the U.S. Peace Memorial and the Forgiveness Project that will be displayed soon in New Hampshire. I still hear the echo of the words of Elise Boulding who believed that peace starts in the community and builds from our own personal commitment.

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