The contributions of Lewis Randa, Dot Walsh,  and  the Peace Abbey  to the promotion of peace and social justice have been featured on engaging peace several times in the last few years.  I am glad to report that these forces for good continue to speak truth to power.

Stay tuned for more information on the “Refuse the Order to Launch” rally in Natick, MA, August 27, 2017.

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4 Responses to REFUSE THE ORDER TO LAUNCH, Part 1

  1. Barbara says:

    heartening to know there are people like Lewis Randa in this scary world we live in It’s today, choosing to risk arrest for expressing his opposition to U S potential involvement
    in a nuclear war. There are doubtless countless citizens who have the same objections, but few of them are courageous enough to place their bodies as well as their minds in support of a protest.

    • Lewis Randa says:

      We take turns putting our bodies and minds on the line and we do it in different ways. I am but following in the footsteps of the likes of Dan Berrigan, Howard Zinn, Muhammad Ali, Dick Gregory, Ralph DiGia and countless others. Thus, I hope countless people have on their bucket list getting arrested for peace. I am here to help demystify the proces.

      Take action, take risks,, take the high road, take every stone and turn it to find what is right for you to make the stand you need to make.


  2. Stefan says:

    Dear Lewis Randa:
    I hope you put the poems of Kenneth Patchen in your pocket to read during your arrest and jail time, subsequent to your Peace Abbey protest march against President Trump as he prepares a (possibly nuclear!) preemptive strike against North Korea, solely to boost his declining popularity by becoming a “war president,” thereby repeating the ghastly but successful Republican strategy of Ronald Reagan’s invasion of Grenada (post-Lebanon suicide-bombing and death of 240 marines), Bush the Elder’s invasion of Panama, and the Cheney-Bush multi-trillion-dollar lie-filled racist post-9/11 invasion/bombings of Iraq and Afghanistan on behalf of Big Oil and the madmen in the Pentagon.

    The liberating, peacemaking, egalitarian Spirit of The Sixties lived on in your Peace Abbey protest march, keeping the faith that nothing is impossible, and showing by your example that the spirit of universal brother-sisterhood lives on in the hearts of many. The role of your college intern Maddie Walters was especially helpful; she was enthusiastic, dedicated, brave, and inspirational, showing by her example the real meaning of courage of conscience.

    May all people everywhere — people of faith, secular humanists, and in particular: Franciscans, Buddhas, bodhisattvas, angels, allies, guides, family, friends and Familiars — bless your activism and courage of conscience, and be inspired by your example to help build the Peacemakers Bridge between our forlorn present and a better tomorrow.

    Yours in faith, love, hope, peace, and justice …

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