These are our children, Part 3

Photo by Deryal Yulsel, 2017

By Deryal Yuksel

Note from Kathie MM: This is the final installment of Deryal’s photo essay, which introduced us to Hasan, Hatun, Hanna, and  Ali, Syrian refugees who currently live in Istanbul, Turkey. Please look at their faces, hear their words. feel their goodness, and think of their rights as children to a safe and decent life.

“I can write in Arabic.”


“We all live in the same house.”

Hasan, Hatun, Hanna, and Ali, with photo essayist Deryal

Note from Kathie MM:  It is true.  We all live in the same house: Mother Earth. If Earth is to survive, we must do all we can to protect it and all the living thing who inhabit it.

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2 Responses to These are our children, Part 3

  1. Barbara says:

    I looked and then looked again at your current post and was deeply moved by all those dark innocent young eyes. May they all survive and enjoy their futures.

  2. Dot Walsh says:

    Each one of these presentations show us the beauty and innocence of children. Deryal’s photos are a way to look at our connections and humanity. Why is one child in one place more precious that another. If we are all one family throughout the world than each child is as precious as my children and my grandchildren. There is no difference and this is something that I have known in my soul regardless of how others have viewed my thoughts. My heart reaches out to these little people who are the foundation of a better more human world. Thank you for these articles and photos.

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