What Does Social Science Tell Us About the Link Between the Presence of Firearms and Violence? Part 2

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By Alice Locicero

Note from Kathie MM: In this second part of her essay on firearms and violence, Dr. Alice Locicero shares information from the social science research community and asks the vital question: Who benefits when such information is withheld, when discussion of potential regulations of gun sales is suppressed. 

Perhaps the more critical questions are: Who benefits from arms sales? Does the proliferation of gun sales and open carry laws make YOU feel safer?

In October, 2017, a Scientific American article discusses 30 studies that, by and large, show that more guns make us less, not more, safe….

The science linking the presence of guns with increased violence could benefit from research by the Centers for Disease Control. ..but the CDC is specifically forbidden by law—a law that totally defies common sense and thumbs its nose at science—to study gun violence. (If you are shocked, your reaction is normal.)

When there is so much scientific evidence pointing in one direction, one has to look at the forces silencing those who would do research, act on the results of research—or even talk about it. Ask yourself: Who benefits from suppressing science and suppressing all conversation about regulating firearms?

For the complete article on which this post is based, go here


Note from Kathie MM: You decide:  Are health and human services being addressed when research on guns is not allowed in a major public, tax-supported institution that is supposed to protect the citizens of the country? Let’s repeat the earlier question: Who benefits when such research is prohibited? Who would want Congress to pass such a law?

Alice LoCicero, Ph.D., is president-elect of the Society for the Study of Peace, Conflict and Violence, Division 48 of the Anmerican Psychological Association.


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