Fossil fuel or life? Polar bears today. The world’s children tomorrow?

A video of an emaciated polar bear on Baffin Island was recently shared on social media. Warmer temperatures have led to longer ice-free periods throughout the year in the Arctic, increasing the risk of starvation for the animals. (Photo: @mitrasites2016/Twitter)

Today’s post features excerpts from a Common Dreams staff writer, Julia Conley, who describes an award-winning video  of a polar bear starving to death. Global warming results in less ice, which means less availability of polar bears’ food.

Conley’s story and the video deserve attention because, frankly, the powerful oil industry magnates and the politicians in their pockets don’t give a damn about polar bears. They care only about profits and the power that money brings.

And face it, they also don’t give a damn about you or your children or your grandchildren, and certainly not the environment that sustains — or cannot sustain — life.

Julia Conley tells us:

“A video of a starving polar bear led to calls for climate change deniers to confront the real-world effects of global warming this week. Taken by a Canadian conservationist and photographer and posted to social media, the video offered a stark visual of the drastic impacts of climate change that have already begun taking root.

“‘When scientists say bears are going extinct, I want people to realize what it looks like. Bears are going to starve to death. This is what a starving bear looks like.’ (Paul Nicklen)

“On social media, viewers of Nicklen’s video called for political leaders like President Donald Trump, who has refused to take part in global efforts to minimize the warming of the earth by reducing carbon emissions, to reconsider their climate-wrecking actions.

We can all take part in those efforts before the earth becomes unable to sustain life at all. Remember, the oil magnates and the banking system and the  military-industrial complex has tons of money and power, but you have a voice and a vote. There are millions and millions more people like you, like us, than like them.

Conley’s article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.



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4 Responses to Fossil fuel or life? Polar bears today. The world’s children tomorrow?

  1. ed says:

    The original image referenced in the article has now been blocked by google. Anyone who hasn’t been able to view it can try this alternate link; it should work. – ed

  2. Anthony Marsella says:

    I am sickened at the polar bear’s plight.
    What have we wrought upon the this delicate and fragile earth — our mother crying at our action and begging for respite. The problems are many, the solutions few, only hope keeps us from collapse. I must ask, is hope now in need of other strengths?

  3. Barbara says:

    I say Bravo! for the environmentalist who circulated the video of this poor dying polar bear. And I say Bravo! for the environmental movement. My thinking has been influenced by the environmentalist who saves the water that ordinarily goes down the drain when one waits for it to become hot. If every one of us practiced this energy saving habit, surely we would be even more deserving of the term environmentalist. Ir had never occurred to me when I turned on the hot water faucet to do anything but just stand there while water heated up. Now I will keep a pitcher on the kitchen counter to capture this precious convenience and pour it into my family’s dinner table. There are steps we can all take to help save our environment even if the government won’t.

  4. Linda Dupre' says:

    The plight of the polar bear is heart-wrenching and unnecessary. I believe our governing leaders were aware, decades ago, of fossil fuel’s potential damage to our planet’s natural habitat/resources. I believe blind eyes were turned for personal gain. Our political population is good at pretending to be in denial or ignorance, or in question as to the reality of global warming. They can pretend not to trust our scientists. As Kathie states in this article, our politicians just don’t care about us, our wildlife or the planet and say a lot to confuse the issue. For people who don’t care about the land we live on, they sure do know how to beat around the bush. It’s disgusting behavior and we have allowed this to happen. It is time for more communities to recycle their trash and encourage rolling ball. It is time for us to be heard. We must be noisy. We must get those darn politicians to hear and act, not spout and avoid.

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