New Year’s Resolution 1: Resist and Rise

Greenpeace’s activists and supporters before the Global Climate March,  November 29th 2015, Madrid. Text on the banner: “100% Renewables.”. Licensed under the Creative Commons AttributionShare Alike 3.0 Unported license. Author: OsvaldoGago.


By Kathie MM

New Year’s Resolution 1 comes from the long-time successful activist group Greenpeace International.  They have resolved: Tomorrow we rise.

Here are their specific resolutions:

“Tomorrow we break the cycle of overconsumption.

Tomorrow we hold corporations accountable.

Tomorrow we try to decrease the terrible impact of the industrial livestock machine.

Tomorrow, we stand together so that people everywhere are treated a little more equally.

Tomorrow we shake power structures that only serve the few at the expense of the many.

Tomorrow we are positive about our future and will rebuild the planet the way it should be.

Because tomorrow, we resist and we rise.

We’ll see you there.”

Will Greenpeace and Engaging Peace see your signatures on petitions? Will we hear your voices at rallies on behalf on the environment and peace?  Will you join us at the ballot box next November, supporting candidates who understand the threats to our environments, and our futures?

Will you rise and resist?

Will you send us your own resolutions to share with other readers?

Now is the hour: Use the holidays to pledge your commitment to peace and social justice.

And please support Engaging Peace.  You can click here to donate.


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