New Year’s Resolution 2: Resist Racism

Part of Open Clip Art Library. In the public domain. Author: liftarn

by Kathie MM

So, for 2018, will you be content resolving to lose weight and/or get more exercise or do you want to aim a little higher—for world peace, for example?  Or maybe just greater peace in your neighborhood and country?

Take a chance.  Aim high.   Resolve to take on the scourge of racialopathy.

Here are some resolutions suggested by Jaime Grant, Director of the Global Transgender Research and Advocacy Project, back in 2015    They are more than ever morally necessary and everyone can promise and pursue at least one of them.

“Stop saying — and especially stop telling your children — that ‘race doesn’t matter.’ Open your eyes to the impacts of racism all around you; point out the ways racism is playing out in your path and help other white people understand their unearned privileges and their attendant responsibility to dismantle racism.”

“Don’t think of yourself as “doing good” or “giving back” by addressing racism; understand that you are making reparations but that you will never share the jeopardy that racism presents to your peers of color. You are benefitting from a daily racist ‘pass.’”

“Campaign for and fund candidates at the local and national level that address racism in local, national and foreign policy.”

“Organize, teach and challenge other white people to address systemic racism…

a. Share anti-racist tools and articles on social media;

b. bring friends to local actions;

c. challenge racist frameworks and lies among your peers;

d. collect and disseminate excellent research and literature;

e. disseminate anti-racist art;

f. organize an anti-racist study group or action;

g. interrupt racism as you encounter it.”

Acting on such resolutions would make for a  more honorable new year–and maybe that’s a better pursuit than more personal happiness.


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One Response to New Year’s Resolution 2: Resist Racism

  1. Barbara Malley says:

    I greatly admired the illustration for this stimulating article on racism. The two hands warmly clasped would make a fine emblem for any group of mixed races gathering regularly to share an interest, activity or talent. How do I know the temperature of those hands? It’s one of those things you just know. The symbol could appear at the top of a club’s stationery. Teachers could have it displayed in their classrooms for students to copy and embellish with crayons and colored pencils. It could be the lead illustration for a newspaper or magazine column. Pats on the back and congratulations to the artist, and thanks to the author for sharing the kind of New Year’s Resolution we should all undertake!

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