3 Responses to Till the lions lie down with the lambs

  1. Barbara says:

    Yes, I hear you loud and clear. Words seem weak in the face of this carnage of lost young lives, but if enough of us band together, our combined voices will surely help safeguard vulnerable potential victims and hold back the tide of violence. The all too powerful NRA must be seen for what it is and be divested of that lethal power before countless additional lives are destroyed. Let’s call a spade a spade and a gun a gun and put out of business one of the most reckless organizations in the country.

  2. Roy Eidelson says:

    I believe what’s most important now is organizing and mobilizing those who are already like-minded, so that progressives can more effectively counter—and ideally replace—tyrannical and plutocratic powers. If we use strong arguments in this effort, those “in the middle” can be won over, and it’s crucial that they be welcomed and encouraged to join the struggle. But to a large degree, trying to reach shared understandings or compromises with those who are pursuing a narrow, self-serving, and destructive agenda—I’ll mention massive and hugely profitable military/defense/security contractors and their surrogates as just one example—strikes me as a strategic and moral mistake. It’s worth noting here that research on sustained nonviolent civil resistance suggests that less than 5% of the population can be enough to bring down a dictator.

  3. Monica Bradsher says:

    We have a new police chief here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, an African American man with a long and impressive career in law enforcement. He was appointed by our newly elected African American woman mayor. These changes indicate some progress in race relations since the low point a year ago last summer when a black man was killed by a white policeman, setting off many protests, some violent. Aside from the tension over race relations, our city is plagued by terrible black-on-black crime. Almost every nightly news reports a murder of a young black teenager, usually by another youngster. Guns! Guns! Guns! Every youngster in north Baton Rouge seems to feel he needs one for protection. The new police chief mounted an effort at disarmament, netting lots of young men and confiscating their guns, then letting them go. But the murder rate appears undiminished. These guns are not AR-15s or other military-grade weapons, nor were they purchased in a store or gun show. Most are stolen or purchased in the thriving black market. We have a huge problem!

    I can tell about some good programs and wonderful people, but I don’t see any systemic solution in sight. We’re saving some kids from a life of crime or from being shot, but the most needy kids are still in great danger.

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