5 Responses to Telling it like it is (Moral engagement, part 4)

  1. I thought you might be interested in the upcoming conference on Peace and Reconciliation to be held in Indianapolis and co-sponsored by the CTAUN (Committee on Teaching about the United Nations) and Kappa Delta Pi (international honorary society in education) on November 6. Go to http://www.kdp.org/internationalinitiatives/unconference.php for more information.

  2. chari tsatsaroni says:

    Hi Kathie! I do not think of a better way of speak of the unspeakable horrors of war than this poem by anti-war Vietnam veteran, David Connolly. Art can lead to healing. Thank you for sharing this poem!

  3. Gold Dust Twin says:

    The poet tells it like it was, all right–graphically enough to put us almost beside him in his nightmare horror show.

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