How to Feed the Power Hungry

Cartoon from the records of the National Child Labor Committee (U.S.). During the Progressive Era many organizations were formed to outlaw the child labor that was a feature of Gilded Age industrial revolution, which included teenage girls working long hours in mills. The cartoon shows a child laborer supporting the world with her labor, including an uncaring robber baron industrialist.
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There are two easy ways to feed the voracious power-wielding groups in this country, those contemporary robber barons who gobble up the sustenance, the lives, the well-being of millions of people and the planet on which they struggle to survive:

1) Succumb to their lies, their distortions, their fear-mongering, their racism, their endless worship of capitalism, and their militarization of everything; how succumb? by voting for them;


2) Don’t vote. Stay home. Tell yourself, the world is an unholy mess. Your vote won’t matter. There is no difference between political parties. That’ll get them. Not.

This is a big year. Another Presidential election, Congressional elections, other elections, and if you’re a US citizen 18 or over, you have the right to vote. There may be no right more important than that one. Thousands of people were locked up, beaten, and murdered so that you and your compatriots would have that right.

From small communities to the nation as a whole, countless decisions are decided by votes. Congress votes to preserve or destroy forests, wildlife, the atmosphere.

The President votes by approving or vetoing Congressional votes.

Community level governments decide whether or not to put more money into education, recreation, local social services based on voter behavior.

It’s not too late to make a new year’s resolution and this one won’t involve giving up things you like.


Kathie Malley-Morrison, Professor of Psychology

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3 Responses to How to Feed the Power Hungry

  1. Gold Dust Twin says:

    Thank you for printing that most powerful 4-letter word in an election year, short and sweet, period. Thank you for reminding us how much strength there is in that one word, lest we for forget or fail to realize how much strength is in the pen we hold in our fingertips. VOTE!!!

  2. Kayla Paris says:

    Professor Malley-Morrison touches on a very important and relevant issue for 2016, the presidential election. I found the start contrast between two options extremely powerful. Option one involving voting for these power hungry politicians by accepting their distortions or option two involving not voting by convincing yourself that your individual vote will never transcend the patterns of history. At the end of the day Professor Malley-Morrison makes the valid argument to vote. Decisions are made based on votes and if we can empower people who care about certain social issues such as economic inequality, racial discrimination, or even the increasing militarization of our society to go out and vote it will ensure that we can implement change. People, especially young voters, need to know and believe that their vote matters.

  3. shauna smith says:

    And this is one of the votes that truly count. Imagine dignity for everyone.
    Shauna Smith, LMFT

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