3 Responses to Shooting down morality: a picnic for the gun industry. Part 2.

  1. Gold DustTwin says:

    Well okay, Mr. Heston, I guess I’m one of those loony leftists who believes in fighting the National Rifle Association for advocating looser, not stricter gun laws. Do you ever read the newspapers, Mr. Heston, aside from the funny papers? How many more men, women and children will have to be shot by gun owners before you will alter your love affair with the NRA? Yes, people kill people, but it is the guns in their hands that deliver the fatal bullets. This country needs to follow the lead of older and wiser nations abroad and adopt a gun control law that protects the lives of the innocent (and the depressed).

  2. Alex M. says:

    Great write up Dr. M-M! Couldn’t agree more with you on the moral disengagement and ludicrous arguments of the gun lobby. One thing I’ve been thinking about recently is possible exceptions to total gun control; particularly, could the ownership of guns (non-automatic handguns, only) be justified in extremely rural areas where nearby homes (or even police) could be upwards of a mile away? All my distaste for guns and the obvious necessity of superior regulation aside, this idea made me pause for a minute. Would love to hear your opinion on this!

    • kathiemm says:

      Thanks for your comment, Alex. I do not think a total ban on all guns is reasonable, although I believe we have a long way to go have adequate gun ownership regulations. I see no reason for any citizen to be able to buy automatic weapons. Regarding rural areas, a good argument could probably be made for ownership of rifles for hunting purposes, although I find killing animals an anathema. A mile is not very far in today’s world, and I am pretty sure that even in a rural area, deadly force by guns is more likely to be in the form of accidents, suicides, or assaults by members of the household rather than outsiders.

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