Time to plan for summer camp!

Camp girls

By Margo Bendery, staff illustrator for Engaging Peace

By Mimi Maritz

How about a peace camp this year?

Here are a few in New England.  (If you don’t live nearby, be sure to check out possibilities in your area.)

Kids 4 Peace Summer Camp, New Hampshire and Boston
An interfaith summer camp for Jewish, Muslim, and Christian children ages 11-12 from the U.S. and Jerusalem. Pre- and post-camp  activities bring families together and foster lasting relationships. Kids 4 Peace’s mission is to focus on humanizing encounters and the commonalities in our faiths.

The School of Peace, Boston
The School of Peace serves more than 100,000 children in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa, helping them deal with a variety of social problems such as illiteracy, war and malnutrition. Boston’s School of Peace offers free after-school programs with a focus on “socially conscious and globally aware thinking and…peace.”

Peace, Groove, and Happiness, Georgetown, MA
Get your yoga in at Peace, Groove, and Happiness – offering yoga classes, events and camps for children and teens. Programs help kids engage in a fun and creative way of moving and thinking using music, crafts, and coloring.

(“Time to plan for summer camp!” was originally published in February 2011 Choosing Peace for Good, the newsletter of Engaging Peace)

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