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Torture and the Ticking Bomb

by Anthony J. Marsella When I accepted the invitation to review Bob Brecher’s provocative book Torture and the Ticking Bomb, I questioned whether yet another book debating the ethics of torture was needed. Could anything more be said about the … Continue reading

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By Guest Author Tom Greening We knew we could count on you to continue our mission for us. We destroyed your World Trade Center but that was only a dramatic means to a greater end. We knew you rich and industrious … Continue reading

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Oracle, Optimist, Ostrich, or Obfuscator? Part 3.

Among the types of violence that Steven Pinker designates as “rare to non-existent in the west” is that chilling form  of inhumanity, torture. Yet the  western nation in which he lives and writes, the United States, seems up to its eyeballs in the perpetration of the dirty … Continue reading

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Hell holes in the U.S.


Guantanamo may be the most well-known symbol of government-sponsored torture of prisoners, but the horrors of Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib take place right in your back yard—conveniently hidden in high-walled prisons. In today’s post we provide some of the facts … Continue reading

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