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Did you ever? Saying yes to activism

By Kathie MM Fear, anger, discouragement, and a sense of helplessness are running rampant in this country today, and they have been charging towards this sorry state for generations. But as pointed out in our recent series of posts , there are thousands … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolution 1: Resist and Rise

  By Kathie MM New Year’s Resolution 1 comes from the long-time successful activist group Greenpeace International.  They have resolved: Tomorrow we rise. Here are their specific resolutions: “Tomorrow we break the cycle of overconsumption. Tomorrow we hold corporations accountable. … Continue reading

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Trails of Tears

by Kathie Malley-Morrison The current standoff between Native American Water Protectors and the Army Corps of Engineers is only the most recent event in a long history of inhumanity carried out unflinchingly by invasive power structures motivated by greed. Last fall, … Continue reading

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Standing Rock: A Change of Heart, Part 4

by Charles Eisentstein The way we see and treat someone is a powerful invitation for them to be as we see them. See someone as deplorable, and even their peace overtures will look like cynical ploys. Distrust generates untrustworthiness. On … Continue reading

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