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Shooting down morality: a picnic for the gun industry. Part 1.

  In his new book, Moral Disengagement: How people do harm and live with themselves, psychologist Albert Bandura does a masterful job of showing how, for example, the National Rifle Association (NRA) promotes moral disengagement to promote arms sales at all … Continue reading

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Clever devils: getting good people to act bad

  Moral disengagement involves a set of unconscious psychological processes allowing individuals to engage in or support or tolerate inhumane treatment of others while still thinking of themselves as good people.  Common examples include using euphemistic language to make bad things … Continue reading

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Oracle, Optimist, Ostrich, or Obfuscator? Part 5. The slippery slope to moral disengagement

Moral disengagement, as discussed frequently on this blog, allows individuals to participate in or at least tolerate inhuman behaviors such as homicide and torture. Major forms of moral disengagement include misrepresenting, minimizing, or denying the consequences of one’s violence; making advantageous … Continue reading

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Russian war fever: Will it spread? (Part 2)

By guest author Alfred L. McAlister, Ph.D. Part 1 of this series addressed the current crisis in Crimea from the perspective of the ploys used to gain popular support for military aggression. These include: Invocation of a moral obligation Advantageous … Continue reading

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