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Let’s Tango

 A Solution for Post-Election Blues And Celebrants: A Satire in Need of Reading by Anthony J. Marsella The world is in shock!  The anticipated outcome of the USA election did not occur. How is that possible? Everything had been set in place for a … Continue reading

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Saying no to the drone rain of terror


Suddenly, Big Brother is everywhere, killing as well as spying, and the arms industry boldly advertises military drones on the Internet.

Manufacturers of drones (euphemistically known as unmanned aerial vehicles) are committed to a future of perpetual profits from perpetual wars; just consider their rhetoric.

President Obama recently promised… Continue reading

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New technologies, new moral questions (Drone warfare, Part 1)

Since the first attempts to develop moral or legal standards for warfare and the consequent killing and destroying of war, technological developments invariably come along.

These technologies confound painstakingly agreed upon attempts to limit … Continue reading

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