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Getting to Better Signs


In response to my last post, “Getting to Good“, several engaging peace readers sent  photos of signs displayed at the counter-rally on Boston Commons last Saturday, when members of a number of social justice groups faced off against the group rallying … Continue reading

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Resisting the Mind Games of Donald Trump and the One Percent, Part 2

by Roy Eidelson In my previous post, I noted that in my research as a psychologist, I’ve found that the psychological appeals used by people eager to maintain or extend their extraordinary wealth and power tend to target five key … Continue reading

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If Trayvon Martin/Tamir Rice/Eric Garner could talk

1974. Does it seem like a long time ago? A whole different era—before omnipresent computers spying on everyone, before killer drones, before ISIS? Well, maybe. James Baldwin published If Beale Street Could Talk in 1974. If you read the book, … Continue reading

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Warning: this disease is contagious, deadly, and right in your own backyard

Racism is as deadly as AIDS, as contagious as influenza, and as contemptible as human sacrifice—which indeed is what it is. It has reached epidemic proportions in the US, and not for the first time. As with most diseases, some … Continue reading

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