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Home to a safer land?

We have now passed the 2,000th fatality in Afghanistan but that war is winding down and we are bringing the troops home to a safer environment.

Or so we are supposed to think… Continue reading

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Mass shooter in action

“Run, Hide, Fight” is a new reality police video promulgated by the Boston University Police for the BU community. It has even drawn the attention of local news broadcasts.

The film is a powerfully realistic depiction of what could happen if a mass shooter … Continue reading

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Until the last soldiers come home (Cost of war, Part 3)

The third reason the official numbers are low is the tendency to focus on what has already been spent, forgetting future war-related obligations. But of course, paying for the wars will not end when the last soldiers come home… Continue reading

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“Give the military whatever they need and more” (Cost of war, Part 2)

First, there is a tendency to focus on what has been appropriated by Congress specifically for the war, with the consequence that the larger costs of war in Iraq are either missed or downplayed. Specifically, many tallies focus on Congressional appropriations to the Department of Defense for the Iraq war, most of which were authorized in special emergency or supplemental … Continue reading

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