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Make America Masculine Again?

By Gordon Fellman It is interesting that the main word in “Make America Great Again”—the crucial adjective—remains not only murky but completely undefined. We must guess, but Mr. Trump’s public remarks may offer indirect clues. Does “great” suggest reinstituting slavery? … Continue reading

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Think back: When did YOU last feel terrorized by somebody?

by Kathie MM The corporate media, when it does not have enough juicy crime and scandal stories to shock and awe, often provides us with a new episode in the “war on terror”. Internationally, the dominant approach to combatting terror appears … Continue reading

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What’s in a name? (This one doesn’t smell so sweet.)

Columbus Day.  Everybody loves a day off, but honestly, does the United States really want to continue celebrating the name of a man who was a slave owner, a slave trader, a greedy, cruel, vicious dishonest brute? A lot of … Continue reading

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It’s indecent for these guys to share a bed


Cool, huh? An 11-man SWAT team, heavily armed, yelling, swearing, breaking in an open door, and throwing flash bang grenades, raids a house and (pant, pant) captures a 68-year-old grandmother and her adopted daughter. Whoops, wrong house. Viewing this video … Continue reading

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