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Nonviolence: The powerful antidote to youth recruitment to gangs, terrorists, and the US Military

by Alice LoCicero Terrorists, gangs, and the US military recruit youth and train them to be violent. Each time a young person is recruited to violence, one or more adults benefit, but the youth and their families pay the price.[1] … Continue reading

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What Planet Does He Live On? Oracle, Optimist, Ostrich, or Obfuscator? Part 4.

In regard to his argument that the “better angels” of human nature have been bringing about a decline in global violence, Steven Pinker comments that some people, deceived by all the horror stories they have ingested from the popular media, take offense … Continue reading

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What’s so bad about the Ferguson, MO, shooting, anyway?

So what’s the big deal about Ferguson police shooting an unarmed black man? Aren’t people getting shot by the police in this country all the time without even a ripple of attention in the mainstream media? Aren’t they disproportionately black? … Continue reading

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