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Think back: When did YOU last feel terrorized by somebody?

by Kathie MM The corporate media, when it does not have enough juicy crime and scandal stories to shock and awe, often provides us with a new episode in the “war on terror”. Internationally, the dominant approach to combatting terror appears … Continue reading

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Pain’s pathways

By Kathie MM I bit my tongue yesterday.  Really, not metaphorically.  It hurt like the devil. Why do I tell you this trivial story? Because every time I bite my tongue, which I do more often as I age, I … Continue reading

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Which way will you go?

  To ring in the New Year, with its new choices and pathways, here is the fourth post in our current series from guest author Dr. Anthony Marsella.* Beyond Propaganda, Media Deception and Abuses, and Lies The United States of America … Continue reading

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Violence in your backyard: Poverty in America

Recent posts have linked poverty to violence in Greece and Africa. But poverty means violence here in America, too, and the forces that breed poverty and violence can reach into every home if they are ignored. A few examples of … Continue reading

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