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Heads out of the sand time

It may not be dessert sands that are in your future.  It may be floods, it may be asthma, it may be starvation.  But the future is not bright if people don’t take action on climate change.  It’s not everyone … Continue reading

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It’s true—United we stand

In a world that seems to be going to hell in a hand basket, fueled by hatred and helped along by the capacity for a nuclear holocaust and destruction of environmental sustainability, what do you do? You can wallow in … Continue reading

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Watch for our enemies (We are they.)

Note from Kathie: Wherever possible, we attempt on this blog to provide psychological perspectives on violence and nonviolence.  Today, we share this slightly condensed Open Letter from Canadian Psychologists regarding Donald Trump’s travel ban. “We as Canadian professors of psychology and practitioners … Continue reading

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In the terrifying Alice-in-Wonderland days of a new President with little understanding of the Constitution and no respect for principles of social justice, the slogan RESIST has gone viral, as well it should. The big questions are: RESIST WHOM? RESIST … Continue reading

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