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Falluja corpse

FALLUJA CORPSE I will lie here,                                                                                                                                 buried below Falluja for a long time. Being dead, I am in no hurry. You can collect those other corpses, rebuild the city above me and proclaim victory. I watched with amusement as they … Continue reading

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Fallujah: Death and destruction again, Part 3

By guest contributor Ian Hansen For those of us who are not financially invested in the expansion of war and the national security state, Fallujah’s siege by Al Qaeda does at least offer us a teaching moment. The U.S. government, … Continue reading

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Fallujah: Death and destruction again, Part 2

By guest author Ian Hansen There was a time when many U.S. and international experts on terrorism said that Al Qaeda as such “did not exist.” The claim was that Al Qaeda, especially after the post-9/11 worldwide manhunt for its … Continue reading

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Fallujah: Death and destruction again, Part I

By guest author Ian Hansen As a supporter of human rights and locally-controlled democracy in Iraq, I am dismayed to see Fallujah fall to Al Qaeda. Some may see poetic justice for the U.S. in this development: the U.S. war of aggression … Continue reading

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