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Looking for social justice in the most unlikely places

by Kathie MM Big banks (the ones that claim to be too big to fail) are a big—very, very big cause for concern. The charges directed at them: They reap profits by exploiting (not educating, not rehabilitating, not treating) men … Continue reading

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Profiting from Prisons: The Evil Corporation Connection Part 2

  This is Part 2 of a series by Dot Walsh. My research on for-profit prisons   brought me to a G4S site  advertising security products and services in 125 countries. Intimately connected with the military,  G4S actively recruits and … Continue reading

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Prisons for profit: The Evil Corporation Connection, Part I, by Guest Author Dot Walsh

As I write about the ongoing and never ending connection between the prison industrial complex and the military industrial complex and the association with for-profit corporations, I find myself on edge and angry.  To know the individual pieces is upsetting … Continue reading

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