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Had enough massacres yet?

First of all, perhaps we should stop harping on “gun control.” The hard-core right-wing NRA devotees will never stop fighting all kinds of control. That’s a dirty word to millions. It’s in their bible: “Don’t you dare try to control … Continue reading

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By Guest Author Tom Greening Our nation is awash in blood, our violence become a flood. I want to praise, applaud, extoll attempts to have more gun control. Those guns are getting out of hand, so for our safety let’s demand … Continue reading

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The first American gun control law: the Second Amendment

The arms manufacturers and NRA lobbyists have it all backwards. The Second Amendment was not created to guarantee an individual right to bear and use arms for whatever purposes desired. Instead, the Amendment… Continue reading

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Home to a safer land?

We have now passed the 2,000th fatality in Afghanistan but that war is winding down and we are bringing the troops home to a safer environment.

Or so we are supposed to think… Continue reading

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