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Think back: When did YOU last feel terrorized by somebody?

by Kathie MM The corporate media, when it does not have enough juicy crime and scandal stories to shock and awe, often provides us with a new episode in the “war on terror”. Internationally, the dominant approach to combatting terror appears … Continue reading

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A Wondrous Quartet

I have often preached on the indispensability of empathy in cooperative human relationships—e.g., here and here and here. But to “make the world a better place,” as so many of us want to do, empathy is not enough. It is … Continue reading

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Getting it right

by Kathleen Malley-Morrison Now is the winter of our discontent, this woeful election year. Unhappiness with the government, frustrations over corruption of democratic processes, fears regarding increasing economic inequality, anger at the multiplying restrictions on prospects and possibilities, and rage at the … Continue reading

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