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Celebrating Rebellion and Revolution (the Non-Violent Variety)

by Kathie MM This week, citizens from all over the United States celebrated the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, “written by the rebelling fathers of the United States”. Symbolic of the long-ago battles, fireworks lit up the skies and … Continue reading

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Revolutionize society with revolutionary peace


Millions of Americans celebrate the Fourth of July, honoring the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the subsequent Revolutionary War by waving flags and marching in parades. Swept up in patriotic fever, many celebrate by getting drunk and harassing … Continue reading

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A week for celebrations

In two days Americans will celebrate their Declaration of Independence. If we want to pursue its values, how should we define patriotism? No one is more eloquent on this topic than Howard Zinn, one of the dedicatees of this blog: “If patriotism were defined, not … Continue reading

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Who are the real patriots?

How about Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, Samuel Adams, and John Penn, who were among the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence? What did these patriots say about the ethical principles and human rights that underlay … Continue reading

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