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Tomorrow’s wars: Let’s stop them now.

  Part 2 in a two-part series by Dr. Majed Ashy Leaders can use their power and authority for good or bad.  Unfortunately, some leaders promote moral disengagement by persuading the masses that the crimes of wars and terrorism are, among … Continue reading

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Saying no to the drone rain of terror


Suddenly, Big Brother is everywhere, killing as well as spying, and the arms industry boldly advertises military drones on the Internet.

Manufacturers of drones (euphemistically known as unmanned aerial vehicles) are committed to a future of perpetual profits from perpetual wars; just consider their rhetoric.

President Obama recently promised… Continue reading

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Labor Day 2012 P.S.

Who hates organized labor, liberated women, and peace?

The war profiteers. The radical right. The power elite within the 1% who seek wealth over human rights, power over fairness, and profitable wars over global peace.

But they are in the minority. Even though they have frightened millions and lured … Continue reading

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More than graduations and weddings

June is Torture Awareness Month.

It is a good month to put yourself in the shoes of another, particularly somebody who is being tortured. Right now, as you read, in all likelihood somebody is being tortured at the behest of the U.S. government.

Have you ever struggled to catch your breath… Continue reading

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