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Veterans Speak Out, Part 2

by Ross Caputi  Veteran Privilege I worry that by using the authority and privilege of veteran voices to spread our antiwar message and deflect criticism, we in the antiwar movement have inadvertently made veterans into a kind of propaganda, packaging … Continue reading

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Veterans Speak Out, Part 1

Note from Kathie MM:  This post from long-time guest author  Ross Caputi begins a new series on ending violence; his focus is on the role of veterans in promoting repair as an antidote to violence. Veterans Speak Out, Part 1 … Continue reading

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Investing in Moral Repair, Part 1, by Ross Caputi*

I read Nancy Sherman’s book Afterwar: Healing the Moral Wounds of Our Soldiers (2015) as a veteran of the US-led occupation of Iraq and as a board-member of the Islah Reparations Project. The intuitive answer to my own moral injury … Continue reading

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American Sniper, Part I


By guest author Ross Caputi. This is the first in a series discussing the implications of the new film, American Sniper. What American Sniper offers us — more than a heart-wrenching tale about Chris Kyle’s struggle to be a soldier, a husband, … Continue reading

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