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Two Paths in the Woods, Pt 2. Beyond Symbolic and Poetic Words By Guest Author Anthony Marsella

  The path we choose in our lives is not merely a symbolic or poetic path — one presented so eloquently by Robert Frost’s image of worn and less-trodden paths at a fork in the road.   No! The path before … Continue reading

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Does Nonviolent Resistance Work? Part 4a: The Curious Case of Palestinian Nonviolence

This is the first of three posts comprising Part IV of a series of posts in which Dr. Ian Hansen shares his thoughts on nonviolence. See also Part 1a, Part 1b, Part 1c, Part 2a, Part 2b, Part2c, Part3a, Part3b and Part3c. The majority of Palestinians these days prefer nonviolent strategies to … Continue reading

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USA: A culture of violence


As the immediate emotions of the presidential elections pass — the euphoria and elation of the winners, the grief, despair, anger of the losers — the harsh realities of daily life once again emerge. Among these is the widespread violence … Continue reading

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How many deaths will it take?

“How many deaths will it take?” In how many places within the United States and abroad? Aurora, Colorado? Tucson, Arizona? Virginia Tech? Columbine? The University of Texas tower? Nagasaki? Korea? Vietnam? Grenada? Panama? Iraq? Afghanistan? Pakistan? The answer, my friend, … Continue reading

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