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Militarize police against terrorists? Bad idea.


  Whether you are a privileged student in a good university, a parent of small children, a kid, a grandmother, or any of the other types of ordinary people in this country, you should be worried about the increasing militarization … Continue reading

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It’s indecent for these guys to share a bed


Cool, huh? An 11-man SWAT team, heavily armed, yelling, swearing, breaking in an open door, and throwing flash bang grenades, raids a house and (pant, pant) captures a 68-year-old grandmother and her adopted daughter. Whoops, wrong house. Viewing this video … Continue reading

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What’s so bad about the Ferguson, MO, shooting, anyway?

So what’s the big deal about Ferguson police shooting an unarmed black man? Aren’t people getting shot by the police in this country all the time without even a ripple of attention in the mainstream media? Aren’t they disproportionately black? … Continue reading

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