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Patriotism Embraces Nonviolence in the NFL

It’s time—no, it’s way overdue—to pay tribute to people of color in the United States for their self-restraint  in response to centuries of violent racist resistance to their pursuit of democracy. If we are going to accept the Miriam Webster definition … Continue reading

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Does nonviolent resistance work? What Chenoweth and Stephan get right (Part 1c)

In her comment on my original post, Dr. Dahlia Wasfi pointed out that Maria Stephan works for the State Department. That does not necessarily mean… Continue reading

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Nonviolent resistance during occupation


By guest author Cindy Newman People often ask “where is the Palestinian Gandhi”? Perhaps he is in Bil’in. The film “5 Broken Cameras” is a story not often told, if at all, through corporate media. Camera number one was acquired … Continue reading

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