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SED Student Helps Bring Israeli, Palestinian Youth Together

by Joel Brown Dana Dunwoody (SED’19) (above) spent part of her summer using disc games to bring Israeli and Palestinian youth together at the Ultimate Peace camp in southern Israel. Photos courtesy of Ultimate Peace. By Joel Brown Just about … Continue reading

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Feel the pain

Guest Post from the Steering Committee of Psychologists for Social Responsibility (PsySR) Today’s post is a statement from the Steering Committee of the Psychologists for Social Responsibility (PsySR), of which I am a member. As an organization focused on psychology’s … Continue reading

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Jihad Jane: Woman as terrorist

Learning about the causes of terrorism is challenging, in part because of the co-option of the term to serve political agendas. Learning about female terrorism, particularly the U.S. homegrown variety, is an even greater challenge–but Colleen LaRose provides us with … Continue reading

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Perspectives on violence

Professor Malley-Morrison’s seminar on the Psychology of War and Peace showed me how altering one’s perspective can instantly change one’s entire outlook on a situation.Forgiving Dr. Mengele DVD

Alan O’Hare showed us how just moving from inside the classroom to outside the building can change an entire experience. Once we left the classroom, all formality ceased and every student was eager to share views. When we…. Continue reading

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