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Can we get there from here? Pursuing nonviolence

Discouraging stories, infuriating stories, heart-breaking stories abound. The media shout out their tales and pummel us with their gory photos, of violence, murder, rape, hatred, and we at Engaging Peace try to provide some different perspectives, regarding events… In Gaza … Continue reading

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Gaza: Time to take sides

The news out of Gaza has been horrendous, overwhelming, tragic, heart-breaking. Death upon death. Destruction after destruction. Loss of life; losses for families, communities, the human race. It is easy to feel rage and horror, depression and defeat. Will the … Continue reading

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Make room

I’m tired of hoping there’ll be peace and will my peacenik efforts cease. Let there be lots of bloody wars, let politicians settle scores with blood and guts spilled everywhere— I’ve reached the point where I don’t care. The human … Continue reading

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Russian war fever: Will it spread? (Part 2)

By guest author Alfred L. McAlister, Ph.D. Part 1 of this series addressed the current crisis in Crimea from the perspective of the ploys used to gain popular support for military aggression. These include: Invocation of a moral obligation Advantageous … Continue reading

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