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Military Sexual Assault: Toxic Masculinity Gone Viral?


Men who perpetrate military sexual assaults tend to be indiscriminate;—they will destroy the lives of men as easily as women. Indeed, because men enter the military in much higher numbers than women, the majority of military sexual assault victims are … Continue reading

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Prison and the just world fallacy

Many Americans want to believe that anyone who is in prison deserves to be there. To differentiate themselves from people in prison they cling to just world beliefs—i.e., the conviction that life is just, that good things happen to good people, and that bad things … Continue reading

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Hell holes in the U.S.


Guantanamo may be the most well-known symbol of government-sponsored torture of prisoners, but the horrors of Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib take place right in your back yard—conveniently hidden in high-walled prisons. In today’s post we provide some of the facts … Continue reading

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Engaging in peace: A personal story (Part I)

By guest author, Dorothy Walsh, a lifelong peace activist My journey in understanding the importance of peace and nonviolence for the world and for myself began in the aftermath of World War II as I learned about the horrors of … Continue reading

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