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Clever devils: getting good people to act bad

  Moral disengagement involves a set of unconscious psychological processes allowing individuals to engage in or support or tolerate inhumane treatment of others while still thinking of themselves as good people.  Common examples include using euphemistic language to make bad things … Continue reading

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Warning: this disease is contagious, deadly, and right in your own backyard

Racism is as deadly as AIDS, as contagious as influenza, and as contemptible as human sacrifice—which indeed is what it is. It has reached epidemic proportions in the US, and not for the first time. As with most diseases, some … Continue reading

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Military Sexual Assault: Toxic Masculinity Gone Viral?


Men who perpetrate military sexual assaults tend to be indiscriminate;—they will destroy the lives of men as easily as women. Indeed, because men enter the military in much higher numbers than women, the majority of military sexual assault victims are … Continue reading

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Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Sexual Trafficking in the United States


Invasions can be carried out by many noxious forces: bombs, soldiers with weapons, armed police, poisonous smog, polluted waters, bacteria, viruses, etc. We know these things. But how about sexual traffickers and their customers?  Men (almost exclusively) for whom trafficked girls … Continue reading

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