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Can we get there from here? Pursuing nonviolence

Discouraging stories, infuriating stories, heart-breaking stories abound. The media shout out their tales and pummel us with their gory photos, of violence, murder, rape, hatred, and we at Engaging Peace try to provide some different perspectives, regarding events… In Gaza … Continue reading

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No more Veterans Days

What is the point of Veterans Day?

Veterans support Occupy movementI have a proposal. The only sensible goal that Veterans Day could ever have is not to have any more Veterans Days. Veterans Day must become self-defeating.

That this proposal seems shocking… Continue reading

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The special status of veterans

Veterans enjoy a special status in American culture. By cultural definition alone, they are regarded as heroes. And on Veterans Day we celebrate these heroes without question.

But is this tradition of Veterans Day sensible? Were the wars that our veterans fought truly heroic? Did they “serve” anyone … Continue reading

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The pain of being brutally honest with myself (A Marine remembers, Part 8)

Everyday at the barracks it was staring me in the face, and every night it replayed itself in my head. Bradley and the old man he shot, Brendan’s mother, Fallujah, the innocent Iraqis who never wanted any of this, all the drinking and drugs, and everyone who told us that we were heroes… Continue reading

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