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Crimson soil: Resistance

Any place where occupation and tyranny are the norm, living becomes an act of resistance. For many, resistance amounts to the act of throwing a stone. In Kashmir, resistance takes many forms besides pelting stones.

On Saturday March 2, 2013, young Kashmiris took to the streets… Continue reading

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Crimson soil: AFSPA

India is viewed as the world’s largest democracy, a progressive nation, and a rising and powerful country. This success story, however, hides its human rights record.

In the occupied territory of Kashmir, human rights are almost out of reach for the general population. Safety within one’s own home is not guaranteed, nor is the right … Continue reading

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Crimson soil: A land under curfew

Over the last week, Kashmir was home to a siege, a communication blackout, and a media gag. Indian forces patrolled the streets. The world’s largest open air prison, Kashmir had more foreign troops on her soil than her own population.Street scene in Kashmir

The curfew was implemented the morning of the execution … Continue reading

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Crimson soil: A forgotten struggle (Part 1)

Between the folds of two nuclear states lies a valley of forsaken people whose struggle is yet to be told beyond its borders. Kashmir. A place where the crimson soil is still screaming to be heard.

Although the land is shared amongst India, Pakistan, and China, regions of peace and war are easy to identify. The Indian occupied Kashmir … Continue reading

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