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What we can learn from Standing Rock—Part One

by Alice LoCicero North Dakota: At the daily meetings, anyone who wishes to speak can do so, for any length of time, on any topic. Others listen carefully, patiently, and respectfully, in order to learn from those who do, and … Continue reading

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Nonviolence: The powerful antidote to youth recruitment to gangs, terrorists, and the US Military

by Alice LoCicero Terrorists, gangs, and the US military recruit youth and train them to be violent. Each time a young person is recruited to violence, one or more adults benefit, but the youth and their families pay the price.[1] … Continue reading

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by Anthony J. Marsella, November 26, 2016 JUSTICE VERSUS THE POLITICAL-ELITE SYSTEM Standing Rock is more than a protest of an indigenous population struggling to claim and reclaim its rights to exist. It is a confrontation between good and evil! … Continue reading

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Getting it right

by Kathleen Malley-Morrison Now is the winter of our discontent, this woeful election year. Unhappiness with the government, frustrations over corruption of democratic processes, fears regarding increasing economic inequality, anger at the multiplying restrictions on prospects and possibilities, and rage at the … Continue reading

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