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Where it all begins, Part 1


By Kathie MM Most children, in this country and much of the rest of the world, have been subjected to considerable verbal and psychological violence, and often physical violence, by the age of two—and it may only get worse. The … Continue reading

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Torture quiz


Question: What is the significance of June? Answer: June is Torture Awareness Month. Question: What is the significance of Guantanamo? Answer: Guantanamo is the symbol of American shame and self-degradation. Fact: Our government has physically and psychologically tortured innocent men, … Continue reading

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Can they call YOU a terrorist?


During the Cold War, people–particularly those who called themselves conservatives–often accused individuals they didn’t like of being “dirty Commies.” The Senator Joe McCarthy era was a scary time for socialists, liberals, artists, writers—anyone who intimidated the right wing, or made … Continue reading

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Simply incompatible with American principles

“Torture is counterproductive to keeping America safe and it doesn’t matter if we do it or if we pass it off to another government. The result is the same. And morally, I believe, there is an even stronger argument. Torture is simply incompatible with American principles.” (Alexander, 2008)

The ticking time bomb scenario… Continue reading

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