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These are our children, Part 1

By Deryal Yuksel Meet Hasan, Hatun, Hanna and Ali. They are refugees from Aleppo, Syria. They are lost between two lands, feeling accepted by none. Istanbul’s historic Balat district, is their new playground. Sometimes words in newspaper articles are just not enough for … Continue reading

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Shooting the right way at the Syrian border

By guest author Deryal Yuksel I am a photographer, and a few months ago I was travelling around the Syrian border. There is no way I can go there now. Most of the towns I have visited have turned into … Continue reading

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Syria: Between a rock and a hard place

By guest author, Michael Corgan Does the ongoing Syrian civil war have echoes of the Spanish civil war of nearly 80 years ago? If the conflict were only between the Syrian government and rebel forces (as was true in opposing … Continue reading

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Not in my name (Stories of engagement)

I grew up with no faith and within no Jewish community, but with a deep commitment to human rights and justice. Searching for my cultural community, I became conscious that it had been buried by a fundamentalism that learned from history nothing but the very mindset of oppression through which it had itself emerged.

In the fight for human rights we should each choose… Continue reading

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