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How to Defeat Terrorism 101

  By Dr. Majed Ashy, Guest Author Terrorism emerges in environments that feed it. Such environments provide intellectual, financial, and personnel support and supplies. The main intellectual supply comes from a few branches of Islam in which some members are … Continue reading

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Truth & Reconciliation, Part 1

This is the first of three posts on Truth and Reconciliation by guest author Ross Caputi. Truth and reconciliation projects have proven to be a powerful ways of bringing closure to communities affected by violence, healing the psychological wounds inflicted by … Continue reading

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Does nonviolent resistance work? Part 2a

The next three posts are Part II of a series of posts in which Dr. Ian Hansen shares his thoughts on nonviolence. See also Part 1a, Part 1b, Part 1c, Part2b and Part2c. In March 17, 2014 post, I suggested that … Continue reading

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Intolerance, cohesion, and killing in religion, Part 1

“Terrorists and Peacemakers may grow up in the same community and adhere to the same religious traditions. The killing carried out by one and the reconciliation fostered by the other indicate the range of dramatic and contradictory response to human sufferings by religious actors.” (Scott Appleby, 2000)

Appleby’s quote reflects the ambivalence inherent in religion. Though on the one hand, religious leaders have condemned … Continue reading

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