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Walt Whitman Returns . . .

This is what you shall do: by Anthony J. Marsella, channeling Walt Whitman   This is what you shall do: Love the earth and sun and the animals, Despise riches, Give alms to everyone that asks.“    I.  Again! Again! … Continue reading

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By Guest Author Tom Greening Our nation is awash in blood, our violence become a flood. I want to praise, applaud, extoll attempts to have more gun control. Those guns are getting out of hand, so for our safety let’s demand … Continue reading

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Oracle, Optimist, Ostrich, or Obfuscator? Part 3.

Among the types of violence that Steven Pinker designates as “rare to non-existent in the west” is that chilling form  of inhumanity, torture. Yet the  western nation in which he lives and writes, the United States, seems up to its eyeballs in the perpetration of the dirty … Continue reading

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The Crime of Punishment*

In the The Crime of Punishment originally published in 1966, Dr. Karl Menninger pondered the question of whether violence was spreading in spite of our legal and court systems or because of those systems. He concluded, “I suspect that all the crimes … Continue reading

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